Abnormal Sex Crimes
Abnormal Sex Crimes
Advertisement for Abnormal Sex Crimes in Seijin Eiga magazine, volume 28 (April 15, 1968)
Directed by Kōji Seki[1]
Produced by Akio Yamoto[2]
Cinematography Haruhito Mori[2]
Distributed by Shin Nihon Eiga
Released 1968
Running time 70 min.
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Abnormal Sex Crimes (恐怖のサディスト 異常性犯罪 Kyōfu no Sadist: Ijō sei hanzai) is a 1968 Pink film directed by Kōji Seki. It was a remake of Seki's Abnormal Criminal from the previous year, the first 3-D film in Japan.

In their Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia: The Sex Films, Thomas and Yuko Weisser note that this film features several of World Eiga's and Nihon Cinema's most attractive actresses and more nudity than typical of Pink films of this era. However, they write, the misogynistic nature of the film detracts from the entertainment value.[3]


The film follows the exploits of a madman who enjoys capturing and brutalizing women.[3]




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