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Angel Guts: Red Flash
Angel Guts Red Flash.jpg
Japanese VHS cover
Directed by Takashi Ishii
Produced by Taketo Niitsu
Written by Takashi Ishii
Cinematography Norimichi Kasamatsu
Editing by Yoshio Kitazawa
Distributed by Argo Pictures
Released September 10, 1994
Running time 87 min.
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Angel Guts: Red Flash or Angel Guts: Red Lightning (天使のはらわた 赤い閃光 Tenshi no harawata: Akai senkô) is a 1994 Japanese film written and directed by Takashi Ishii.

Plot Summary[]

Nami is a photographer on the set of a porn film. When photographing a rape scene between a teacher and a schoolgirl, she becomes uncomfortable, having remembered a similar incident in her own past. Muraki, the editor, notices her discomfort and attempts to comfort her. However, he looks like Nami's attacker and she flees from him. She turns to her barmaid girlfriend for support, but finds out that she has been unfaithful, so Nami goes out to get drunk. When she wakes up the next morning with no memory of the night before, she is terrified to find the dead body of a man she takes to be her one-night-stand. She runs into Muraki the next day and together they try to find out what happened.[1]