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Bad Reputation in the Marketplace
Bad Reputation in the Marketplace.jpg
Theatrical poster to Bad Reputation in the Marketplace
Directed by Kazuo Mori[1]
Written by Yoshikata Yoda
(Based on novel by Tōkō Kon
- 今東光)
Music by Ichirō Saitō
Cinematography Hiroshi Imai
Editing by Kōji Taniguchi
Distributed by Daiei
Released April 28, 1963
Running time 84 min.
Preceded by Third Man: Bad Reputation (1963)
Followed by Bad Reputation on the Wharf (1963)
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Bad Reputation in the Marketplace (悪名市場 Akumyō ichiba) is a 1963 film directed by Kazuo Mori. It is the sixth film in the Bad Reputation series.[1]




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