Bed Partner
Bed Partner
Theatrical poster to Bed Partner
Directed by Daisuke Gotō[1]
Produced by Hiroshi Hanzawa
Written by Takuya Nishioka
Cinematography Nobumasa Mizunoo
Editing by Isao Tomita
Distributed by Nikkatsu
Released May 28, 1988
Running time 72 min.
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Bed Partner (ベッド・パートナー BED PARTNER) is a 1988 Roman Porno film directed by Daisuke Gotō and starring Kyōko Hirota.[1] It is cited as the last release in Nikkatsu's 17-year series of Roman Porno films, though it was released in a double-bill with Love game wa owaranai. For this final film, the studio intentionally selected a novice director and cast, as a way of highlighting the fact that the series had served as a starting point for the careers of many filmmakers and performers.[2]




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