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DVD-R cover to Boneless
Directed by Seiichi Fukuda
Distributed by Roppō Eiga
Released September 12, 1967
Running time 72 min.
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Boneless (骨ぬき Honenuki) aka Mutilation is a 1967 Pink film directed by Seiichi Fukuda and starring Kaoru Miya.

Plot summary[]

Yuko has a rendezvous with her old boyfriend who has just returned to Tokyo. Blackmailers with evidence of this transgression force Yuko to work as a call girl to pay them. Yuko becomes the client of a foreigner who is in the employ of her husband, a prominent businessman.[1]


Release history[]

Seiichi Fukuda filmed Boneless for Roppō Eiga who released it theatrically in Japan on September 12, 1967.[2] Given the title Mutilation in some English texts, the film was released in the US by Harry Novak under the title Boneless. Under that title it has been released in the US on DVD-R by Something Weird Video who describe it as "a lurid offering from the formative years of the Japanese eroduction".[1]



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