Captured for Sex 2
Captured for Sex 2
Theatrical poster to Captured for Sex 2
Directed by Gō Ijūin[1]
Produced by Kōji Okumura
Written by Masahiro Yoshimoto
Gō Ijūin
Cinematography (倉本和比人)
Editing by Makoto Sawada
Distributed by Nikkatsu
Released November 15, 1986
Running time 68 min.
Preceded by The Sacrifice (1986)
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Captured for Sex 2 (ザ・生贄2 Ikenie 2) is a 1986 Pink film, produced by Yū Pro and released by Nikkatsu as part of its Roman Porno series. It was directed by Gō Ijūin and stars Rino Shimazaki.[1] Gō Ijūin was a pen-name for the directors Genji Nakamura, Ryūichi Hiroki and Hitoshi Ishikawa, the owners of Yū Pro, who worked together to direct a series of extreme S&M films for release by Nikkatsu in the mid-1980s.[2]




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