Chiaki Kuriyama as Mizuho in Ju-on (V-Cinema)

Chiaki Kuriyama on the cover of Continue Vol. 26

Chiaki Kuriyama as Mikoto in Mail

Chiaki Kuriyama (栗山千明 Kuriyama Chiaki) is an actress. She gained popularity in the west for her role as Gogo Yubari in the 2003 film Kill Bill: Vol. 1, directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Profile[edit | edit source]

  • Name: Chiaki Kuriyama (栗山千明 Kuriyama Chiaki)
  • Birth date: October 10, 1984
  • Birthplace: Tsuchiura, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood type: A
  • Height: 5' 4" (162cm)

Filmography[edit | edit source]

Resources[edit | edit source]

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