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Director and screenwriter Daisuke Gotō
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Daisuke Gotō (後藤大輔 Gotō Daisuke, born May 24, 1957)[1] is a Japanese director and screenwriter.

Life and careerEdit

Daisuke Gotō's debut film as director was with the Nikkatsu Roman Porno film Bed Partner (1988), part of the last double-bill in that series.[2] Bed Partner won Gotō the Best New Director award at the Zoom Up Film Festival.[3] After the demise of Nikkatsu, Gotō worked mainly V-cinema, filming straight-to-video sequels to earlier film series. Prominent among his films of this period are Sasori in the U.S.A. (derived from Toei's Sasori series of the 1970s starring Meiko Kaji), and entries in the Zero Woman series, based on Toei's Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs.[4] He made his Pink film debut in 2001 with Mourning Wife, which was named second best Pink film of the year at the Pink Taishō awards.[3] Highly regarded as a director of Pink films, Gotō is known for his ease at directing in many genres.[3] Jasper Sharp writes that Gotō's A Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn (2003) is the Pink film "at its most inventive, albeit frankly bewildering."[5]

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