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Demon Hunting
Demon hunting.jpg
Japanese DVD cover
Directed by Torao Satoshi
Produced by Shunsuke Hosoi
Written by Yamaguchi Toyokazu
Torao Satoshi
Music by Hiranuma Yuri
Cinematography 富田伸二
Released 2003
Running time 90 min.
Preceded by Ghost Gate
Followed by The Last Coffin
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Demon Hunting (悪魔狩り Akuma Gari) is a 2003 Japanese horror film. It was originally the second episode of a 6-part horror series called Series Kyoufu Yawa which aired on TVK, TBS, and SUN in the summer of 2003. In 2007 Laguna Productions began releasing the individual episodes of this series on DVD in the US.


Michiru makes a pact with a demon to kill the rival classmate that is dating the teacher she is in love with herself, Mr. Kamata. She also asks to see the world destroyed simply to quell her boredom with life. Her memory of this pact is erased and eventually her wishes begin to come true. Her rival Hitomi is viciously murdered and people around town start getting possessed by demons as an evil chain letter is passed around from person to person. Michiru, her friend Yukiko, and her former teacher Kamata hide in the school, seemingly completely unaware that all of this was Michiru's fault to begin with.


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