US DVD cover
Directed by Masato Tsujioka
Produced by Masato Tsujioka
Written by Masato Tsujioka
Music by Spinwake Ikki Goto
Released May 13, 2006
Running time 60min
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Divide (ディバイド) is a 2006 Japanese film directed by Masato Tsujioka. Toronto ReelHeART International Film Festival 2006.Director awards.


Saki's life is thrown into chaos when her mother drops dead. She finds herself joining an evil crowd. The high school madam and her rogues becomes her social life. Her friends no longer recognize her. Her only salvation is to find her sister. They were separated at a very young age. The vicious sex and violence will all be worth it, if only she could find the sibling she never knew.


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