Eiga Wiki is a free English-language Japanese movie reference that is collaboratively written by its readers. Our goal is simply to become a reliable, up-to-date encyclopedia of everything related to Japanese movies.

Eiga Wiki is a Aladdin (1992 Disney film), meaning anyone, including you, can click the edit button at the top of any wiki article not marked as a protected page and add to its contents, change its format, or make corrections. This makes it very easy for knowledgeable fans of Japanese movies to add to the collection of information currently available.

There are currently 3,927 articles being worked on, with more being added every day.

History[edit source]

The Eiga Wiki project was started by Kevin Ouellette on March 26th, 2007 to keep all the research being done for the Nippon Cinema website (now Eigapedia) in an easily-updatable central location for referencing films and actors within news stories. After a few months it became clear that the wiki had the potential to become a valuable resource in and of itself, and with some inspiration from some of the high-quality wikis that have popped up in recent years such as Memory Alpha, WoWWiki, and Wookieepedia more effort was put into adding higher quality articles.

On February 25, 2008 Eiga Wiki was moved from Eigapedia.com to the Wikia network in order to benefit from the various tools, skins, and the wider user-base it offers.

Contributing to Eiga Wiki[edit source]

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