What is a wiki?Edit

A wiki is collaborative web software that allows users to edit pages (articles) at any time and easily format text and create links to other articles using the wikitext markup language. The concept and software were invented by Ward Cunningham, who created the first wiki in 1994. In 2001 Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales put this concept to use to create Wikipedia, a wiki-based encyclopedia of general knowledge on every conceivable subject.

Why not just use Wikipedia for everything?Edit

Over recent years successful wiki projects like Memory Alpha have proven that there is a place on the web for smaller, highly-focused wikis and many experts on a given subject gravitate toward them over Wikipedia. That being said, many people do use Wikipedia for all their article-writing for various reasons that are completely up to the individual. It's simply a matter of personal preference.

I like all Asian movies, can I write articles about Korean and Hong Kong cinema?Edit

As of right now Eigapedia covers only Japanese live-action movies. We're leaving the door open to explore other avenues in the future such as films from the rest of Asia. This decision will be based on user interest and availability of highly-knowledgeable editors, but for now anything not related to Japanese movies will be deleted until such a consensus is reached. For work on Korean cinema, consider contributing at Yeonghwapedia, which can be considered a sister-project of Eigapedia.

Why does this wiki use interwiki links? Shouldn't we write our own articles on every subject?Edit

There are times when it's helpful to the reader to include links to wiki articles not within the scope of Eigapedia. For example, if you're writing about a Jpop star who happens to be in a certain movie, it would not make sense to write an entire article about their respective music group when you can just link to a Wikipedia article. The same goes for Korean, Chinese, and Thai titles for reasons mentioned above.

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