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Eriko Sato

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Eriko Sato
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Eriko Sato (佐藤江梨子 Sato Eriko, born December 18, 1981 in Tokyo) is a Japanese actress, model, and gravure idol. She is currently represented by Yellow Cab talent agency.


  • Her nickname is Satoeri.
  • Her blood type is AB.
  • She is 5' 8" tall (173cm).
  • Her hobbies include reading and going to the movies.
  • Although she was born in Tokyo, she lived in Sapporo. She also moved to Osaka, Chiba, and other areas during childhood.
  • She attended Horikoshi high school, a private institution located in the Nakano district of Tokyo. Horikoshi is known for its celebrity graduates due to the entertainment courses it offers. Some of Sato's classmates were Yumi Adachi and Yoko Naito. Naito is one of her close friends.
  • Slow to mature, Sato didn't experience her first kiss until she was 18.
  • She can do a 210-degree split due to flexibility from ballet. She demonstrated this skill in the 2004 film Cutie Honey.
  • She wears contact lenses because of her bad eyesight.
  • She was once sexually assaulted but fought off the attacker with pepper spray.


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