Female Teacher: Private Life
Directed by Noboru Tanaka[1]
Written by Mari Abe
Music by Michio Akiyama
Cinematography Masaru Mori
Editing by Toyoharu Nishimura
Distributed by Nikkatsu
Released August 25, 1973
Running time 73 min.
Followed by Female Teacher: Sweet Life (1973)
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Female Teacher: Private Life (女教師 私生活 Onna kyōshi: Shiseikatsu) is a 1973 Roman Porno film directed by Noboru Tanaka and starring Ayako Ichikawa.[1] The film's screenplay was the winning entry of a contest put out by Nikkatsu for screenwriters. Mari Abe, the author of the screenplay, was awarded a royalty and a college scholarship. The film was a box-office success, and the later Female Teacher series (eight films, 1977-1983) was inspired by it and its sequel, Female Teacher: Sweet Life, also released in 1973.[2]




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