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Godzilla: Final Wars
Godzilla Final Wars.jpg
Theatrical poster to Godzilla: Final Wars
Directed by Ryūhei Kitamura[1]
Produced by Shogo Tomiyama
Written by Shogo Tomiyama
Isao Kiriyama
Wataru Mimura
Ryūhei Kitamura
Isao Kiriyama
Music by Keith Emerson
Nobuhiko Morino
Daisuke Yano
Cinematography Takumi Furuya
Fujio Okawa
Editing by Shūichi Kakesu
Distributed by Tōhō
Released December 4, 2004
(November 29, 2004, Hollywood)
Running time 125 min.
Preceded by Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. (2003)
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Godzilla: Final Wars (ゴジラ FINAL WARS Gojira: Final Wars) is a 2001 Japanese monster movie directed by Ryūhei Kitamura.[1]


The newly-formed but technologically advanced Earth Defense Force has miraculously been able to eradicate all monsters except for Godzilla. Instead, they have sealed him under ice in Antarctica. Years later they discover the cyborg monster named Gigan is on his way to Earth. Without warning several other monsters quickly appear in major cities across the globe, stretching the EDF's resources beyond their capabilities. When it seems like Earth will be overrun the monsters vanish, having been stopped by a race of aliens called the Xilians. At first the Xilians present themselves as allies to Earth, but their actions prove to be a ruse to gain the EDF's trust before unleashing the monsters once again. With no way to combat the aliens and monsters at the same time the humans decide to release Godzilla and lead him to each foe one-by-one using the Gotengo as bait.


Japanese DVD cover to Godzilla: Final Wars

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