Harmful Insect
Japanese poster
Directed by Akihiko Shiota
Produced by Takashi Hirano
Hiroyuki Negishi
Written by Kiyono Yayoi
Cinematography Tokusho Kikumura
Editing by Yoshio Sugano
Distributed by Nikkatsu
Released September 6, 2001 (Venice Film Festival)
Running time 92 min.
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Harmful Insect (害虫 Gaichu) is a 2001 Japanese film written by Kiyono Yayoi and directed by Akihiko Shiota. It follows a girl named Sachiko after her father dies, her mother attempts suicide, and her entire class is gossiping about her possibly having an affair with her sixth grade teacher who recently moved away. Because of all this, Sachiko stops going to school and hangs out with a street-dweller named Takao and his mentally disabled friend. When Takao is beaten to death Sachiko is forced to return to her former life, only to face more unwanted trauma at the hands of adults who never seem to have her best interests in mind.


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