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Directed by Yukinari Hanawa
Produced by Shusaku Matsuoka
Shigeo Minakami
Written by Novel:
Misuzu Nakahara
Yukinari Hanawa
Harumi Ichikawa
Tetsuro Kamogawa
Music by Coil
Cinematography Junichi Fujisawa
Released June 10, 2006
Running time 114 min.
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Hatsukoi (初恋 lit. "First Love") is a Japanese movie based on the real life account of Misuzu Nakahara, a member of the group that participated in the 300 million yen affair of 1968.


In the 1960s a teenager named Misuzu escapes her dysfunctional family life by hanging out with her brother and his friends. Within the group they spend most of their time drinking, doing drugs, and having sex. A member of the group named Kishi intends on robbing a bank ban, and they all participate in the heist that would become the legendary 300 million yen affair in 1968.


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