Hiroki Matsukata

Hiroki Matsukata (松方弘樹 Matsukata Hiroki) is a Japanese film actor. He's often acted in yakuza and period films. He played Kyoshiro Nemuri in 3 made-for-TV specials, taking over the role first made famous by actor Raizō Ichikawa. He also directed the 2003 V-cinema release, Okite Yakuza. His ex-wife is actress Akiko Nishina.

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  • Name: Hiroki Matsukata (松方弘樹 Matsukata Hiroki)
  • Birth date: July 23, 1942
  • Birthplace: Kita-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood type: A
  • Height: 5' 8" (173cm)



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