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Ichi the Killer
Ichi the killer dvd.jpg
US DVD cover
Directed by Takashi Miike
Produced by Akiko Funatsu
Dai Miyazaki
Written by Manga:
Hideo Yamamoto
Sakichi Sato
Music by Karera Musication
Seiichi Yamamoto
Cinematography Hideo Yamamoto
Editing by Yasushi Shimamura
Distributed by Prenom H
Released September 14, 2001 (Toronto Film Festival)
Running time Uncut: 129 min. R Rated: 117 min.
Budget $1,400,000 USD (estimated)
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Ichi the Killer (殺し屋1 Koroshiya 1) is a 2001 Japanese film based on a Hideo Yamamoto manga and directed by Takashi Miike.


After a mob boss is killed in a strange and grusome gang hit, his sadomasochistic follower Kakihara investigates; killing and torturing his way through Japan to find those responsible. Unbeknownst to him, the killer is the most unlikely of persons; a whimpering child-like man, haunted by memories of a schoolmate's rape years before. Manipulated by a rival mob, they whip him into a vengeful fury, getting him to kill those in their way, as his alter ego Ichi (Named so after the big yellow one on his leather costume, Ichi being Japanese for One).


  • There were two different people named Hideo Yamamoto involved in Ichi the Killer, the original manga artist and the cinematographer.


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