Izumi Shima

Actress Izumi Shima

Izumi Shima (志麻いづみ Shima Izumi, Tokyo, February 3, 1952 -)[1] is a Japanese actress. Promoting her as the studio's most beautiful actress, Nikkatsu designed the Roman Porno film Lady Chatterley in Tokyo (1977) as a showcase for Shima's debut. After that film failed to achieve any success she was cast in a series of supporting roles. Author Oniroku Dan, acting as producer for Pink film veteran director Mamoru Watanabe's debut for Nikkatsu-- Dark Hair Velvet Soul (1982)-- cast Shima in the lead role. She gave a critically praised performance and was again a leading actress. Dan cast her in several more of his films and Shima is now considered one of Nikkatsu's best actresses of this era.[2]

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