Kitaro and the Millennium Curse
Directed by Katsuhide Motoki
Written by Manga:
Shigeru Mizuki
Mitsuhiko Sawamura
Distributed by Shochiku
Released May 16, 2008 (Cannes)
July 12, 2008 (public)
Preceded by Gegege no Kitaro
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Kitaro and the Millennium Curse (ゲゲゲの鬼太郎 千年呪い歌 Gegege no Kitaro: Sennen Noroi Uta) is the 2008 sequel to the 2007 live-action manga adaptation Gegege no Kitaro. Not many details are available yet other than the script involving a forbidden romance between a nure-onna yokai and a man.


Half-yokai Kitaro returns with his friends to investigate recent disappearances occurring under suspicious circumstances. They discover that they have something to do with a forbidden love which was shared between a yokai and human male approximately 1,000 years earlier and an evil yokai is responsible. Kitaro and his companions must seek out 5 treasures to put an end to this millennium curse once and for all.


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