Lost Love: Oil Hell
Lost Love - Oil Hell
Theatrical poster to Lost Love: Oil Hell
Directed by Masaru Konuma[1]
Produced by Yoshihiro Yūki
Written by Yukio Yoshihara
Music by Taichi Tsukimizato
Cinematography Yonezō Maeda
Editing by Jun Nabeshima
Distributed by Nikkatsu
Released May 4, 1974
Running time 80 min.
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Lost Love: Oil Hell (ロスト・ラブ -あぶら地獄- Lost love: Abura jigoku) is a 1974 Roman Porno film directed by Masaru Konuma and starring singer Akari Uchida.[1]


A singer must choose between a marriage proposal and her career.[2]


Critical ReactionEdit

The Weissers write that this film is one of director Masaru Konuma's worst films, and, with White Whore, is representative of the career slump he had in early 1974 before filming the ground-breaking hits, Flower and Snake and Wife to Be Sacrificed later the same year. They note that the film's subtitle-- "Oil Hell"-- has nothing to do with the film's plot, which they characterize as "little more than a goofy, empty melodrama".[2]



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