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Love Collage
HK DVD cover
Directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi
Written by Kaoru Ogawa
Distributed by Shochiku
Released May 15, 2003 (Cannes)
Running time 112 min.
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Love Collage (恋愛寫眞 Collage of Our Lives Renai shashin: Collage of Our Lives) is a 2003 Japanese film directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi.


Makoto, a photographer, meets Shizuru and quickly falls in love. However, he gets self-conscious when Shizuru surpasses him as a photographer. He decides to leave her until he hones his craft and becomes a professional photographer. Three years later he receives a letter from New York. It was sent by Shizuru in New York. Remembering their time together fondly, he decides to go visit her but when he arrives he finds out she's been dead for over a year.


  • Ryoko Hirosue ... Satonaka
  • Ryuhei Matsuda ... Masato Segawa
  • Eiko Koike ... Aya
  • Robert Baldwin
  • Kan Eto
  • Atsushi Harada
  • Dominic Marcus ... Cassius
  • Mayuko Nishiyama
  • Rei Okamoto
  • Ren Osugi ... Director
  • Gregory Pekar ... James Bond
  • Jiro Sato
  • Issei Takahashi
  • Stephanie Wang ... Convoy
  • Laura Windrath ... Girl in NY church
  • Cary Woodworth
  • Shigenori Yamazaki
  • Kevin O'Driscoll ... Construction Worker

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