Love Hotel
Love Hotel (1985)
Theatrical poster to Love Hotel
Directed by Shinji Sōmai[1]
Produced by Yoshiyuki Unno
Written by Takashi Ishii
Cinematography Noboru Shinoda
Editing by Isao Tomita
Distributed by Nikkatsu
Released August 3, 1985
Running time 88 min.
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Love Hotel (ラブホテル) is a 1985 Roman Porno film directed by Shinji Sōmai and starring Noriko Hayami.[1] Takashi Ishii's screenplay for this film is the first version of what he would eventually direct in 1988 as the film Angel Guts: Red Dizziness.[2] The film won six awards at the Yokohama Film Festival: Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor (Minori Terada), Best New Actress (Noriko Hayami), and Best Cinematography (Noboru Shinoda).[3] Nikkatsu also gave the film its Best Film of the Year award.[2]


Muraki is in debt after a business failure. When he is unable to pay his debtors, the loan sharks rape Muraki's wife. Remorseful and sick of his life, Muraki picks up a prostitute named Nami, and plans to commit suicide in a hotel room after having sex with her.[2]




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