Mafia Family Yanagawa
Mafia family yanagawa dvd
UK DVD covers (parts 1 and 2)
Directed by Takeshi Miyasaka
Produced by ゆうき哲也
Written by Novel:
Koichi Iiboshi
Distributed by Taki Corporation
Released July 26, 2002
Running time 89 min. (part 1) 89 min. (part 2)
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Mafia Family Yanagawa (実録 柳川組 大阪戦争百人斬り Jitsuroku Yanagawa-gumi Jiro Yanagawa Densetsu - kanketsu), aka Yakuza Wolves is a 2002 Japanese film based on a novel by Koichi Iiboshi and directed by Takeshi Miasaka. In 2005 Film 2000 released the subtitled DVD in 2 parts in the UK.

Yakuza WolvesEdit

Before the Film 2000 release of Mafia Family Yanagawa, a subtitled bootleg of the first half entitled Yakuza Wolves was widely circulated. This was not an official English title.


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