Masayoshi Nogami

Actor, director and screenwriter Masayoshi Nogami
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Masayoshi Nogami (野上正義 Nogami Masayoshi, March 2, 1940 - December 22, 2010)[1][2] was a Japanese actor, director and screenwriter known for his long and prolific acting career in the Pink film genre. Nogami made his screen debut in the 1963 film "地下室のうめき". Early in his career he acted in the films of prominent Pink film directors Kōji Wakamatsu and Shin'ya Yamamoto. One of his last major film appearances was in Naoyuki Tomomatsu's Maid-Droid (2009). By the time of his death, Nogami had appeared in over 1,000 films.[3] He received a posthumous award at the 2010 Pink Taishō in recognition of his long work in Pink films from the earliest days of the genre.[4]

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