Office Lady Journal: Ruined Lust
Directed by Asao Kuwayama[1]
Produced by Akira Miura
Written by Akira Miura
Music by Tsutomu Sanada
Cinematography Yonezō Maeda
Editing by Osamu Inoue
Distributed by Nikkatsu
Released March 13, 1974
Running time 63 min.
Preceded by Office Lady Journal: Wet Bundle (1974)
Followed by Office Lady Journal: Indecent Relations (1975)
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Office Lady Journal: Ruined Lust (OL日記 ちぎれた愛欲 OL nikki: Chigireta aiyoku) is a 1974 Roman Porno film directed by Asao Kuwayama and starring Hitomi Kozue.[1] It is the fifth film in the Office Lady Journal series.




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