Office Lady Journal: Scent of Female Cat
Office Lady Journal - Scent of Female Cat
Theatrical poster to Office Lady Journal: Scent of Female Cat
Directed by Katsuhiko Fujii[1]
Written by Kazuo Nishida
Music by Taichi Tsukimizato
Cinematography Masaru Mori
Distributed by Nikkatsu
Released January 18, 1972
Running time 69 min.
Followed by Office Lady Journal: Affair of Female Cat (1972)
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Office Lady Journal: Scent of Female Cat or Office Lady Diary: Scent of a She-Cat (OL日記 牝猫の匂い OL nikki: Mesuneko no nioi) is a 1972 Roman Porno film directed by Katsuhiko Fujii and starring Rie Nakagawa.[1] It was the first entry in the Office Lady Journal series.[2]




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