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One Missed Call: Final
Japanese poster
Directed by Manabu Asou
Produced by Tatsuya Mouri
Written by Novel:
Yasushi Akimoto
Minako Daira
Music by Koji Endo
Cinematography Kazunari Tanaka
Distributed by Kadokawa Pictures
Released June 22, 2006 (South Korea)
Running time 109 min.
Preceded by One Missed Call 2
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One Missed Call: Final (着信あり Final Chakushin Ari Final) is a 2006 Japanese horror film directed by Manabu Asou. It is the third installment of the One Missed Call series.

Plot Summary[]

A group of Japanese students go on a graduation trip to Korea. A girl they tormented and bullied back in Japan named Pam hanged herself and a mysterious girl named Asuka is out for revenge. She forwards a cursed call to Azusa, the girl whose name Pam called out before she hanged herself. The cursed call now includes a message saying that you can get a death exemption by forwarding it to someone else, forcing them to choose between being killed or condemning someone in their cell phone's memory to death. A girl named Emily figures out who's behind the calls and tries to put a stop to it herself.


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