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One Missed Call 2
US DVD cover
Directed by Renpei Tsukamoto
Produced by Yoichi Arishige
Naoki Sato
Written by Novel:
Yasushi Akimoto
Minako Daira
Cinematography Tokusho Kikumura
Editing by Soichi Ueno
Distributed by Kadokawa Pictures
Running time 106 min.
Preceded by One Missed Call (2004)
Followed by One Missed Call: Final (2006)
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One Missed Call 2 (着信あり2 Chakushin ari 2) is a 2005 Japanese film directed by Renpei Tsukamoto. It is the sequel to the 2004 film, One Missed Call.


After a series of deaths in Tokyo, Kyoko (Mimura) receives the cell phone call that all but guarantees her eventual death. She travels to Taiwan with her boyfriend Naoto (Yu Yoshizawa) and a reporter named Takako (Asaka Seto) in a desperate attempt to figure out the source of the curse before she's taken by it. They uncover a long-hidden crime in which a little girl with psychic abilities was cruelly murdered and buried within a mine to keep her premonitions from taking place. Now they must find the spot she was buried and hopefully put an end to the curse, but an even more malevolent spirit appears to be at work.


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