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Actress and AV idol Reiko Yamaguchi
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Reiko Yamaguchi (山口玲子 Yamaguchi Reiko, Aichi Prefecture, December 15, 1978 -)[1] is a Japanese Actress.

Life and career[]

Known for her (Japanese) G-cup bust, Yamaguchi specialized in the jukujo, or "mature", role popular in AV and Pink films. By mid-2010 she has appeared in nearly 500 AVs (adult videos).[2]

In April 2010, Yamaguchi opened a snack bar in Tokyo's Kabukichō entertainment district, where she serves as hostess and mingles with her fans. Explaining the name, "Bar Naked", Yamaguchi says, "With me working 'naked' on a regular basis, I came up with this name because I wanted to expose the other side of me."[2] One of the features of the bar is that Yamaguchi will nestle the patron's wine bottle in her bosom before pouring the libation.[2]

In September 2010, Yamaguchi traveled to Los Angeles along with Pink film legends Yutaka Ikejima and Yumi Yoshiyuki to participate in the "Boobs and Blood" festival. Yamaguchi was named "Psychotronic Actress of the Year" at this celebration of international cult film.[3] Besides receiving awards, the trio screened their Pink films, S&M Hunter (1986), Twilight Dinner (1998), and The Japanese Wife Next Door (Parts 1 & 2; 2004). The trio were the guests of Pink Eiga, a US DVD company which has released these films for English-speaking audiences.[4][5]

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