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Sakae Nitta (新田栄 Nitta Sakae, Gunma Prefecture, May 13, 1938 -)[1] aka 八木沢修, 八木沢修平, Kiyoshi Kitakawa (北川淳), and Kiyoshi Kitamura (北村淳) is a Japanese director and actor.


The Japanese Movie Database shows that Nitta started work in the Pink film industry as and actor in the mid-1960s. He worked for such early Pink film studios as Yamabe Pro, Shintōhō and Ōkura Eiga (currently OP Eiga).[2] Usually acting under the name Kiyoshi Kitamura (北村淳), Nitta made an acting appearance in his 1997 film, Honban inyoku tsuma: Tsubozeme, using "Nitta" as his directorial name, and "Kitamura" as his acting name.[3]

He began directing in the early 1980s with Tōkatsu and Shintōhō. Jasper Sharp characterizes Nitta as a prolific, "pragmatic" director of Pink films, implying that his films strive to deliver erotic titillation rather than reach the higher artistic goals to which some directors in this genre strive. Much of Nitta's work since 1990 has been at Xces studio, which, Sharp writes, similarly has a reputation as a studio, "content to deliver the mere basics" in the Pink film genre.[4]

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