Samurai Assassin
Samurai Assassin
Directed by Kihachi Okamoto
Released January 3, 1965
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Samurai Assassin ( Samurai) is a 1965 Japanese black-and-white jidaigeki film directed by Kihachi Okamoto based on the novel Samurai Nippon by Jiromasa Gunji.

The story tells an attempt to assassin feudal lord Ii Naosuke in front of the Sakurada Gate (桜田門 Sakurada-mon) of Edo Castle from February 17 1860 to March 3 1860 (dates are according to the English subtitles). But more precisely in historical reality the Ii Naosuke has been assassinated in the Sakuradamon incident (桜田門外の変 Sakuradamongai no hen) on the March 24, 1860 (according to the Gregorian calendar) that is equivalent to the 3rd day of the 3rd month of the 7th year of Ansei Japanese Era.

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