The Backdancers!
The backdancers flyer
Japanese flyer
Directed by Kozo Nagayama
Written by Kozo Nagayama
Rin Eto
Music by Kozo Nagayama
Cinematography Kazuhiko Ogura
Editing by Ryuji Miyajima
Distributed by Gaga Communications
Released September 9, 2006
Running time 117 min.
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The Backdancers! (バックダンサーズ!) is a 2006 Japanese movie directed by Kozo Nagayama.


Miu and Yoshika get kicked out of high school for sneaking into a dance club while underage. One day while sitting outside of the club, a girl named Juri tries to get in but is told she's too young. She invites Miu and Yoshika to come with her to a parking lot where local kids go to dance while a DJ named Kei tries out his eclectic mixes. Eventually Juri is discovered by a record company and made into a pop star. They hire Miu and Yoshiko along with two other girls they foudn, Tomoe and Aiko, to be back-up dancers for Juri. Together they are called simply "Juri and The Backdancers".

Meanwhile, a band manager for the record company named Akira Chano has finally been assigned his dream job of managing his favorite rock band, Steel Crazy, but is pulled off the job when Juri decides to abruptly quit the music business and get married. Record company executives assign him to the remaining Backdancers simply to keep them happy in case Juri changed her mind and came back. However, when rival group "Mayu Kisaragi with Super Tigers" becomes popular, they consider The Backdancers expendable and disband the unit. After a brief attempt to return to their former lives, each member of The Backdancers come to the conclusion that they want to give dancing another try, and with Chano's help they organize a huge dance performance to prove their worth even without Juri.


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