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The Bandage Club
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Written by Novel:
Arata Tendo
Distributed by Toei
Released September 15, 2007
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The Bandage Club (包帯クラブ Hotai Club) is a Japanese film based on a novel by Arata Tendo. It was release on September 15, 2007.


A group of six teenagers referred to as The Bandage Club receive requests on the Internet to place bandages at specific locations. They record the process and send the recording to the requester in the hopes that seeing the symbolic bandaging will help them get over the emotional pain they feel in relation to that specific area or landmark.


  • Yuya Yagira ... Dino / Tatsuya Ideno
  • Satomi Ishihara ... Wara / Emiko Kiba
  • Shihori Kanjiya ... Tanshio / Shiomi Tanzawa
  • Megumi Seki ... Tempo / Akari Motohashi
  • Kei Tanaka ... Gimo / Shinichi Yanagimoto
  • Chiaki Sato ... Risuki / Ritsuki Ashizawa

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