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The Suicide Manual
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Japanese poster
Directed by Osamu Fukutani
Produced by Yoshinori Kano
Atsushi Yoshinaga
Written by Osamu Fukutani
Hiroshi Kanno
Music by Masatoshi Nishimura
Cinematography Masakazu Oka
Distributed by Benten Entertainment
Released October 6, 2003
Running time 86 min.
Followed by The Suicide Manual 2
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The Suicide Manual (自殺マニュアル Jisatsu Manual) is a 2003 Japanese film directed by Fukutani Osamu. The story was inspired by a book published in 1993 in which author Wataru Tsurumi wrote about various methods of committing suicide in great detail in a very matter-of-fact manner, sparking controversy throughout Japan.

Plot Summary[]

Cameraman Yuu is sent to investigate a recent group suicide with his partner Rie. While at the apartment where the people killed themselves via carbon monoxide poisoning they meet a girl that claims to have been part of that group, but backed out at the last minute. She didn't know the victims, but they were all members of the same Internet message board where suicidal people share their feelings. A mysterious woman named Rikki began encouraging these suicidal posters by sending them a DVD which explains various suicide methods in detail along with the pros and cons of each.

Yuu watches the video and is overwhelmed with the suicidal thoughts he's had since junior high school. He decides to seek out Rikki in the hopes that she could help him get over his fear of going through with suicide. Along the way more of his past becomes clear and a supernatural explanation for how these suicidal thoughts get passed from one person to another is revealed.


  • Nozomi Ando ... Miki Nagasawa
  • Kei Horie ... Police Detective Nishiyama
  • Ayaka Maeda ... Nanami Kumatani
  • Maki Meguro
  • Kenji Mizuhashi ... Yuu Tachibana
  • Chisato Morishita ... Rie Izumikawa
  • Yuko Nakamura ... Rikki
  • Hideo Sakaki ... Keita Yashiro

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