Yukari Taguchi: The Convulsion
Yukari Taguchi - The Convulsion
Theatrical poster to Yukari Taguchi: The Convulsion
Directed by Mamoru Watanabe[1]
Produced by Tadashi Yoyogi
Kōji Okumura
Written by Shōichi Ikeda
Cinematography Toshio Shimura
Tsuyoshi Kuga
Editing by Osamu Tanaka
Distributed by Nikkatsu
Released June 25, 1986
Running time 72 min.
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Yukari Taguchi: The Convulsion (田口ゆかり ザ・ケイレン Taguchi Yukari: Za keiren)[2] is a 1986 Pink film, produced by Actress and released by Nikkatsu as part of its Roman Porno series. It was directed by Mamoru Watanabe and stars Yukari Taguchi.[1]




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