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Director, screenwriter and producer Yukio Kitazawa
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Yukio Kitazawa (北沢幸雄 Kitazawa Yukio, born in Tokyo, January 3, 1953)[1] aka Dai Iizumi (飯泉大 Iizumi Dai) and Koboku Kitazawa (北沢江北 Kitazawa Koboku) is a Japanese director, screenwriter and producer.

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Yukio Kitazawa made his directing debut in 1978 with Ōkura Eiga's Sasurai no sei (さすらいの性).[2] He went on to direct films for all the major Pink film studios: Shintōhō, Kokuei, Million Films and to work in Nikkatsu's Roman Porno series. He has also worked for Nikkatsu's successor in adult film production, Xces, and for the gay film-themed ENK studio. [2]

Kitazawa uses Dai Iizumi as a pseudonym for his screenplays, usually directing under the name "Yukio Kitazawa". He also directs under the name "Koboku Kitazawa".[3] The Weissers note that, though working in the Pink film genre in which cinematic expectations are generally low, Kitazawa tries to deepen the content of his films with an emphasis on humanism.[4] Kitazawa's Spoiled Relationship (1983) is considered an unusually artistic film from Ōkura Eiga, where Iizumi often worked.[5] More typical of his work for Ōkura was Rape Pornography (1985), which had a storyline matching its title.[6] The Weissers judge Woman in the Black Lingerie (1985), written and directed by Iizumi for Million Films, to be of a high quality from a cinematic perspective-- suspenseful and with strong editing from Iizumi-- but to have a weak storyline.[7] Writing in 1998, the Weissers judge that despite Iizumi's attempts to raise the quality of his Pink film productions, he was ultimately "an ancillary filmmaker, at best" at the time.[4]

With the Kanryū-- the sudden popularity of Korean popular culture in Japan-- following the 2002 FIFA World Cup, Kitazawa became involved in some Korean-influenced Pink film productions. In 2002 Xces sent Kitazawa to Seoul to film Korean Wives: Hard and Wild. He also filmed the V-cinema Korean Masturbation Special for TMC while in Seoul using the same cast as the Xces Pink film.[8]

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