Zoom Up: Rape Site
Zoom Up - Rape Site
Theatrical poster to Zoom Up: Rape Site
Directed by Kōyū Ohara[1]
Produced by Shōgo Hosogoe
Written by Chiho Katsura
Music by George Ōtsuka Quartet
Cinematography Yonezō Maeda
Editing by Jun Nabeshima
Distributed by Nikkatsu
Released September 8, 1979
Running time 67 min.
Preceded by Zoom In: Rape Apartments (1980)
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Zoom Up: Rape Site (ズームアップ 暴行現場 Zoom up: Bōkō genba) is a 1979 Roman Porno film directed by Kōyū Ohara and starring Erina Miyai.[1] Its success inspired an informal sequel, Zoom In: Rape Apartments the following year, and it was followed by the Zoom Up series.[2]




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